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The type of lifestyle that females teaching in Saudi Arabia can expect will be mediated by adherence to local customs and the laws of the country. Saudi Arabia is, in many respects, a male-orientated country. Female teachers are expected to be aware of these Saudi traditions as to easily appropriate them into their daily routine. Women living in Saudi Arabia can expect a safe, communal environment that promotes respect and interdependence amongst the sexes. This will mean certain concessions in many instances. For example, women are not allowed to drive, ride a bike, or generally talk to men in public, and all women are required to mediate certain decisions through their "guardian." The guardian is someone who traditionally helps a female with decisions such as education, employment, and travel. Depending on the circumstance, consent from the guardian can be either lawful or simply customary. It should be noted here that most in Saudi Arabia for women will see them living on a group compound where things like travel, shopping, and entertainment will generally be provided for them such that an guardian is not required individually for each teacher.

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Women who live in Saudi Arabia have a defined legal status –they have fewer rights than men in many respects and play a very limited role in public. However, the country is making slow progress toward some form of gender equality. The late King Abdullah endeavored to grant women a larger role in Saudi society. The very structure of government itself changed under his reign, with female suffrage and the right to run in municipal elections having begun in 2015. From the beginning of his reign over Saudi Arabia, King Salman, the current king of Saudi Arabia, has shown his intentions to continue his late half-brothers endeavor.

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Most single women or women living in Saudi Arabia without their husbands will be housed in female only compounds or villas and will find their movements severely restricted; often with a curfew by which they have to be home.

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Women living in Saudi Arabia.

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