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Tier 3 is like Ross, McIntire, Stern, Haas (west coast IB only, harder to get to NYC from there), UPenn CAS, Cornell, Brown, Georgetown, Williams, Amherst

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Edit: Your 13 APs/2300SAT/Superb ECs is overkill for UPenn CAS, no offense to the school. That sounds more like Wharton status. I know many who got into Penn this year with significantly less, and yes, some were obviously affirmative action, but for the most part that sounds like a solid app. I still say Wharton ED.

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2. Is it common for a Econ/Math major @ CAS to transfer to Wharton? How difficult is it? What are some of the specific requriements for Wharton transfer? (if it is not too difficult and common for a CAS student to transfer to Wharton, then I will do UPenn CAS ED, which has a higher acceptance rate compare to Wharton, then transfer to Wharton)

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