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The author of "The Night Face Up", Julio Cortazar, was born in Belgium but was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by his Argentine mother and aunt. As a child he read frequently. After his high school graduation he began teaching to support his family. He did not publish his first story, Bestiary, until November 1951. It was around this time Cortazar began to turn his life around. He moved to France, accepting the grant offered to him to study there, and later became a translator for the United Nations and other publishers. Though he lived in France for much of his life, he always thought of himself as Argentine.

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(in 'The Night Face Up') do you think was real? Solipsism -the philosophical theory that believes that one’s own mind is the only thing to surely exist

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"The Night Face Up" is a modern, cutting-edge novel of its time, similar to Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes. Don Quixote was a new type of story during its time. It discussed and described the characters and their feelings in more detail and was about a man of the average class. "The Night Face Up" is similar to Don Quixote because it too was something new for its time. Its writing style and descriptions were unique and new for its time, just like Don Quixote was for its time period.

Can someone find the whole story of "The Night Face Up" by Julio Cortazar?
This isn't exactly reading notes, but rather Chapter 91 of my book ms. Living Invention, or, The Way of Julio Cortazar. But it does offer my brief reading of "The Night Face Up"You call this short story from Julio Cortázar Magical Realism, presumably because your instructor/professor has taught it as such, but everything I have read and studied, including under well known professors at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee´s Department of Spanish and Portuguese, are adamant that "The Night Face Up" is Fantastic. Do some research on Fantastic and Magical Realism works and theories as well as on Julio Cortázar, and you´ll find that he clearly writes about the Fantastic.“The Night Face Up” is a short story embedded with complexities, written by Julio Cortazar. This story reveals a mysterious adventure which takes place in both reality and in the mind of the protagonist. The story takes place in the both the present reality of the protagonist and also in his unconscious thoughts. The unexpected trip starts when the protagonist goes through a minor motorcycle accident, and is immediately taken to a hospital for medical attention. During the time that he is admitted in the hospital, he is kept in a ward with other patients. The smell of the hospital and the medical treatment that he is given makes him very uncomfortable, and he suffers from hospital phobia. But while he is in the hospital he starts dreaming of a time that is completely different from the present. During the dream sequence, the protagonist goes through a very dreadful situation where he finds himself as a member of the Motecas tribe which is being hunted and slaughtered by the Aztec tribe. The protagonist attempts to run from the ‘hunters’, to save himself from being slaughtered. He is in a rough location, where he is tripping and falling, and making his way through the marshes and pointed barks, to save himself from being caught. In the concluding paragraph, Cortazar does not clarify how the story is exactly supposed to be analyzed, since it is fiction, but if paid close attention it can be derived that the protagonist dies from a very high fever while having a very dreadful nightmare in which he sees himself being slaughtered by savages.In the night face up story the author mentions time frequently ,beginning in the first paragraph .how does the protagonist perception of time change throughout the story? what effect does the author treatment of time have on the story?
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In my current writing class we were asked to read a piece by Julio Cortazar entitled, “The Night Face Up”. There will be spoilers so please feel free to read this short story first if you have not already.

On “The Night Face Up” by Julio Cortazar I will come back to the Singularity idea soon enough

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“The Night Face Up” is based on the short story written by Julio Cortazar. This story reveals a mysterious adventure which takes place in both reality and in the mind of the protagonist.
A juxtaposition of reality and dream sequences begin when the protagonist is hospitalized after a motorcycle accident. Asleep after surgery, he dreams that he is in flight from a tribe in a ritual war.