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Can you give the importance of regulating mass media through statutes, laws and governing bodies? But can you define first mass media, statutes, laws and governing bodies? As you continue reading this essay it will define first those terms so that you can understand why is important to mass media.

The important role of mass media in ..

The Important Role of Mass Media in the ..

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Evaluate the importance of the mass media in the amplification of deviance. Sociological understanding behind the mass media as well as deviance has to be taken into account with regards to the amplification process. The idea of deviancy amplification is firmly within the Interactionist tradition and comes out of a consideration of the processes of labelling and self-fulfilling prophecy, which are important in the sociological study of deviance and education. Cohen developed the idea of the amplification of deviance spiral from his interest in the contradiction that the media often raged against deviant or criminal behaviour, but in doing so, often made the problem worse. He was interested in the process whereby the media contributed to an increase in the very behaviour they were criticising. Cohen's work was concerned with the mods and rockers and some incidents on the sea front one bank holiday. Although the original incidents were relatively minor- some scuffling and shoving and a lot of drunkenness- the papers chose to headline the violence as if it much more worse; they described the incident as a 'blood bath'.

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