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I don’t expect this to happen. We live in an era when explicit racism is the one thing that people across the political spectrum can , so no one wants to admit that she is even subconsciously racist, let alone that her subconscious racism contributes in some way to the economic adversity of others. And as Americans, we’re in love with the idea of our own (or our parents’) scrappy, middle-class self-sufficiency. We’re everything we have. We’re also deeply wedded to the idea of doing everything conceivable to give our children a leg up, which makes an argument that middle class white people should raise their children in poor, minority neighborhoods seem almost absurd.

What are your thoughts on subconscious racism?

Subconscious racism applies to everyone, and a lot of it comes from initial reactions to people.

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Subconscious racism does a lot more than split us apart. It is one of the primary factors in a system of oppression that pushes people down. Subconscious racism separates us, and through its actions we cannot truly solve the issues America is facing.

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I first discovered my subconscious racism when reading a Timothy Ferriss blog post. I mildly dislike Ferriss and don’t feel like giving him publicity, so I’ll just copy the part that started me down this road of self discovery:

Megyn Kelly and Brian Kilmeade highlighted some other terms that were deemed to be examples of subconscious racism or sexism.
The categories were based on a widely used developed by psychology professor Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia, a pioneer in the use of the IAT to measure subconscious racial bias. Overall the experiment found that most people in the five racial groups had some degree of bias toward the races they were tested against.Having made conscious racism legally and socially verboten, left liberals are increasingly turning their attention to subconscious racism. Among their wackier ideas include treating it with drugs and discouraging whites from (apparently it implicitly promotes white identity). While the propranolol group scored significantly lower on the test into subconscious racial bias, there was no significant difference in the subjects' explicit (conscious) attitudes towards other races. There was also no difference in religious and sexual prejudice, or prejudice against drug addicts. Subconscious racism can only be fought when it is made blatant to the average American. In order to achieve this goal we must create an awareness of our own biases. Having biases doesn’t make an individual a racist; it makes you a product of your environment. I randomly took the Skin Tone IAT and my score rated that I was moderately preference to light skinned individuals; however I am an African American female. So I challenge you to take these tests and see your score, it will surprise you, it surprised me. Bringing this to light will help us to create true equality.
Megyn Kelly and Brian Kilmeade highlighted some other terms that were deemed to be examples of subconscious racism or sexism.

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It took me a long time to be able to write what I’ve just written above. To begin with I was far too ashamed. Over time, I’ve started to see that I don’t have to be ashamed of my subsconscious patterns. I mean, they are harmful. But shame helps nothing. And if I can accept my subconscious racism, then I am more able to bring it into consciousness and then work on it. Shame about something tends to push it into subconsciousness.

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Slager is a product of an American culture where , subconscious white racism the norm, and excess melanin transforms human bodies into fiends and monsters, as seen through the white gaze. For Michael Slager and so many others, blackness and black humanity are provocations and excuses to kill.

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It is important to understand that although African Americans have been the victims of discrimination for hundreds of years and may endure the worst of the subconscious racism, one needs to understand the United States is guilty of using race as a justification for inequality against other groups of color. For example, after September 11, polls reported that nearly 60 percent of American public favored racial profiling, at least as long as it was directed at Arabs and Muslims.” (Cole pg. 48) After the events of September 11 the United States government was responsible for the unjust treatment and detainment of thousands of Muslim and Arab males. In order to justify their actions they claimed that individuals were being questioned based on their passport and its country of origin. As a smart educated American we realize that this is a cover up of racism that is so blatantly racist, how many other countries in the world have such diversity as the United States, not many and there for their passport will reflect a race. How about the treatment of the Japanese during WWII, did we really think all of the individuals we relocated to camps were really involved? No but that’s part of the point, to create an otherness between races, a sort of us and them and the coincidence is the “them” is never the whites.