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Community-based programs are only part of the solution to teen pregnancy. Indeed, only 10 percent of teens report they have participated in such a program (outside of school), while on average teens spend more than 38 hours a week exposed to various forms of entertainment media. By themselves, teen pregnancy prevention programs cannot change prevailing social norms or attitudes that influence teen sexual behavior. The increase in teen pregnancy rates between the early 1970s and 1990 was largely the result of a change in attitudes about the appropriateness of early premarital sex, especially for young women. As more and more teen girls put themselves at risk of an early pregnancy, pregnancy rates rose. More recently, efforts to encourage teens to take a pledge not to have sex before marriage have had some success in delaying the onset of sex.

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We all realize that teenage pregnancy is a common thing, but are there solutions to teenage pregnancy and motherhood that you can talk to your teenager daughter about?

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Finally these solutions to teenage pregnancies in Kenya should be incorporated to school’s curriculum so that the teens should know the responsibility behind being sexual active.

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Teenage pregnancy is one of the alarming issues in the modern world today therefore there is need to come with solutions to teenage pregnancies in Kenya.As a parent, you should be clear on issues about sex, relationships and love. You therefore require to answer the following questions as a method of coming up with solutions to teenage pregnancies in KenyaA research conducted by the National Campaign to provide solutions to teenage pregnancies in Kenya has confirmed that parents have influence on their children sexual behavoiur. From the research result, it is crystal clear that parents and other responsible adults can help reduce and provide long term solutions to teenage pregnancies in Kenya. Most of the ideas suggested by the research in question emphasize the importance of maintaining a close and strong relationship with your children, setting clear goals for them and having an honest communication.Although there are many solutions to teenage pregnancies in Kenya that are effective like abstinence, pregnancy prevention education on contraceptives that is done in school still play a major role in Kenya. It is fact that many teenage engage in sexual activities out of curiosity.You should understand that this is two way dialogue. Ask your teenage son/daughter on what they think as well as what they know; this helps correct any misconceptions. Avoid having only one session of such conversations. According to the solutions to teenage pregnancies in Kenya research, such conversation should begin when the kid is still young and should continue until the kid is past the teen age.So consider sitting and sharing these points with your little girl, because talking to her and discussing these ideas is one of the best solutions to teenage pregnancy for your daughter.
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Abstinence is the one of most ideal solutions to teenage pregnancies in Kenya. The method not only guarantees one of the failing to be pregnant but also protects you from getting STDs infections. This should taking to the school’s curriculum so that the teens should know the responsibility behind being sexual active.

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The idea of a solution to teen pregnancy is intriguing to me. The word solution implies that there is a correctable problem. In the context of teen pregnancy, what does this mean, exactly?

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Here’s one solutions to teenage pregnancy… let a guy know that if he truly loves you as much as he says, then he will wait for sex. Real love does not demand instant satisfaction. Real love pays any price to triumph, including waiting for sex.