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The line-up (pun intended) this season on is truly impressive. For starters, sink your teeth into Rod Ferrell, a self-proclaimed vampire. There’s Matthew Cushing, who was an adorable co-ed when he butchered his family. Meet Gene Meredith, a paranoid schizophrenic whose voices drove him to kill. We’ve got Levi King, who was raised to be a killer in a weapon-filled drug den. And Milton Gobert, who sits on death row because he “had to” stab a mom and her young son in self-defense. We also have tiny Frances Gibson, a mom who inexplicably tortured and killed another mom.

Before smartphones, this is how Rod Ferrell took a selfie.

Roderick Ferrell the fashionista

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It must be mentioned that Rod Ferrell gets no screen time beyond his testimony in court, and his testimony to the police, both videotaped. Members of his "clan," Charity Kessee and Dana Cooper, both give interviews to MSNBC, as well as Heather Wendorf, the daughter of the murdered couple.

Photographs take. Of Rod Ferrell’s bedroom by Murray Police in 1996.

“Many people have associated me with Satanism, and I have to say that, although I hold nothing against the Satanic beliefs, or the people who practice them, I have personally never been involved in such activities or beliefs. Vampirism is not Satanism. They are two separate things.” - Roderick Justin Ferrell

Roderick Ferrell the fashionista| Roderick Justin Ferrell (born March 28, 1980) was a member of a loose ...">
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Think that the origins of the Vampire are strictly from Bram Stoker and Vlad the Impaler? Think again. This History Channel documentary delves even further into the myth based on true history that supposedly inspired the myth. Originally broadcasted in 2006, Vampire Secrets (narrated by Corey Burton) combines historical information with the contemporary phenomena that surrounds the vampire. With the aid of intense historical reenactments, interviews with experts of the subject, and some shocking revelations on how far some people get involved with the vampire phenomena, Vampire Secrets answers some questions we couldnt even think to have.Rod Ferrell was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole after killing his friend Heather Wendorf’s parents with Howard Scott Anderson in 1996. Other accomplices to the crime where Charity Keesee (rod’s girlfriend) and Dana Cooper. Dana and Charity where sentenced to prison for 10 ½ years while Scott got life in prison.Queste parole smentirono la sua precedente testimonianza secondo cui i vampiri non uccidono e si richiede loro di mostrare la più alta ammirazione per la vita. Se i vampiri non uccidessero non si darebbe alcuna conoscenza di un distintivo modus operandi vampirico. Gli inquirenti scoprirono attraverso John Goodman (nome da vampiro: Damien), un amico intimo di Rod, che la sua motivazione al crimine era che egli "era posseduto dall'idea di aprire le porte dell'Inferno, il che significava che egli avrebbe dovuto uccidere un grande, grande numero di persone per consumare le loro anime. Ferrel credeva che facendo ciò avrebbe ottenuto dei superpoteri". A prescindere dalle giustificazioni psicologiche, l'immersione di Rod Ferrel nell'occulto dimostra chiaramente che egli pensava nei termini di una concezione religiosa di assassinio sacrificale. Questo caso è uno soltanto tra i molti che coinvolgono rituali di sangue e assassinio. E' più semplice relegare questi crimini nell'ambito del comportamento aberrante che formarsi l'idea che noi stiamo vivendo in un'atmosfera sacrificale.Roderrick Justin Ferrell (born March 28, 1980) was a member of a loose-knit gang of teenagers in Kentucky, known as the ‘Vampire Clan’, convincing people he was a 500 year old vampire called Vesago.
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Photographs take. Of Rod Ferrell’s bedroom by Murray Police in 1996.

Rod Ferrell, 16 at the time, was a member of a gang called the Vampire Clan in the small town of Murray, Kentucky. He had become obssessed with the role playing game Vampire: The Masquerade and told friends he was actually a 500-year-old vampire.

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Author Frank Stanfield, a former Orlando Sentinel reporter who covered the trial of vampire-cult killer Rod Ferrell, isn't surprised the 1996 killings continue to spark interest.

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"Charismatic Rod Ferrell is a troubled 16-year-old fascinated by the dark fantasy world of vampirism. In Murray, KY, Rod starts his own coven of teenage followers who meet regularly to drink, take drugs, have sex — and suck each others' blood.