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Oxbridge Personal Statements™ is the UK’s leading professional personal statement writing service. We employ a rigorous recruitment process ourselves to ensure that our writers really are the cream of the crop. Indeed, we have over a thousand writers on our books, all of whom have been educated at Russell Group Universities and have then gone on to enjoy considerable success in their chosen fields.

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That’s not to say that our professional personal statement crew is made up of spin-doctors. We never lie. Instead, our service crews understand the best way to present information to review boards. Therefore we’re ready to give you something that can be shown off when the time comes.
Review boards are used to seeing information presented in a certain way, which means there are a few ways people can learn how to write a professional personal statement to attract their eyes. Our service took the time to learn how to write a professional personal statement, they know all these tricks, so you will get the best .

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Personal can be boring. People have a tendency to scan when they read them. Therefore, something needs to be done to catch the eye of potential readers. When we write professional personal statements, we strategically place numbers and statistics in order to keep people from merely scanning the text. That does a lot to change the way that the individuals reading it perceive a personal professional statement. Review boards can get bored easily, since they’ve read so many pieces of text before hand.

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We provide a bespoke, detailed service, meaning that all professional personal statements are carefully crafted and unique, conveying your talents and experience to their fullest potential. Our writers pride themselves on constructing statements that are stylish and succinct, yet highly relevant – guaranteeing a sense of ‘wow’ without losing sight of your personality.Many students do not a great deal of importance to graduate school personal statements, but we can guarantee that with average marks you can gain an edge by providing the Office of Admissions with an effective personal statement. Attempting to write a personal statement takes a lot of time and hard work. If you feel that you do not want to waste your time trying to write one through trial and error and be counter-productive, contact us today. Our graduate school professional personal statement experts are ready to help you, they know what you need and know exactly how to begin and what to write. We provide graduate school personal statements you need at rates you can afford. For those of you are serious about your education we advise that you take the next step and contact us for your graduate school professional personal statement! It will be unique, professional and will increase your chances of getting accepted to graduate school. If you have questions about your graduate school personal statement or want to get started, call now!
Oxbridge Personal Statements™ is the UK’s leading professional personal statement writing service

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The main thing that you have to worry about when it comes to writing personal statements isn’t just coming up with something adequate, but something unique, that will catch the eye of the institution and truly help your chances of acceptance instead of just keeping them steady. This is where the vast majority of people fail, but we with personal statement help from our team of pros you can get these results, and save a ton of time and effort as well! Not only is it a challenge to accomplish high-quality personal statements, it also takes a lot of hard work just to get a decent one. You can either risk getting a personal statement that’s less than adequate, or you can get help from a professional personal statement writer at our service, save this time, and get a better statement than ever!

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Professional personal statements aren’t easy to come by, but you’ve found the right service here if you need them. The best part is if you need to order more than one piece of writing we can do that for you. Some people want to submit a different statement to different organizations. This is a good idea if they seem to be acting in concert. Of course most individuals will only really require a single statement that they can always forward.

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Oxbridge Personal Statements is the leading undergraduate, postgraduate and professional personal statement writing service in the UK. Founded in 2005, our highly qualified network of academics – all of whom have Masters and PhDs from world-class institutions – have helped students secure a place at university, including Oxford, Cambridge and leading medical and law schools. With over ten years experience and thousands of happy customers, we know exactly what it takes to catch an admissions tutor’s eye.