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The 72.8% of Mail Online's readers that come from outside the UK represent both a challenge and an opportunity - an advertising network with international sales could serve ads to those non-UK readers and therefore monetise the traffic. But, until then, all non-UK visitors are effectively a cost to the site. (Although being the UK's leading online newspaper site will, of course, attract advertisers - arguments about UK versus non-UK traffic will probably be left to geeks like me).

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With a heady mix of news, celebrity and controversy, - the umbrella site for the Daily Mail's titles - became the highest circulating UK newspaper online last week. But its rise is likely to throw up anomalies in the system of online newspaper traffic measurement - notably, that online newspapers are becoming "category plays", targeting sectors of the market, such as entertainment, news, video or business. The modern newspaper website is now a many-headed beast and can include everything from bingo games to almost full-blown TV reporting. To compare them with each other, like their offline equivalents, looks increasingly anachronistic.

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I shopped at several online term paper stores to determine where best to spend your cheating dollar. After selecting papers on topics in history, psychology, and biology, I had each paper graded by one of my judges. These were: Slate writer David Greenberg, who teaches history at Columbia; my dad, who teaches psychology at the University of Rhode Island (sometimes smeared as the ASU of the East); and my girlfriend, who was a teaching assistant in biology at Duke (where she says cheating was quite common). So, which site wins for the best combination of price and paper quality? I compared free sites, sites that sell "pre-written papers," and a site that writes custom papers to your specifications. The figures are almost impossible to question: The vast majority, that's 77%, of those surveyed said their price limit for paying for online newspapers was zero (East coasters were more definite about this with an 81% figure.) That's terrible news for those in the industry who think that future revenues lie in bricking up their news content behind a pay wall. And it gets worse: The 23% segment who are prepared to pay anything at all is dominated by 19% in the "$1 to $10" category—a pitiful sum as far as newspaper moguls would be concerned. Perhaps most damning is the statistic revealed elsewhere in the survey that 10% of those questioned never read a newspaper at all, either physically or online.
Manorama Online edition was launched in 1997 and it is third most popular online newspaper after The New York Times and Washington Post.

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This is a directory of 7734 free online papers on consciousness in philosophy and in science, and of related topics in the philosophy of mind. The papers in this directory are drawn from , a database of both online and offline works in philosophy.

I shopped at several online term paper stores to determine where best to spend your cheating dollar

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This is a list of online newspaper archives and some magazines and journals, including both free and blocked digital archives. Most are scanned from microfilm into , or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing (OCR) technology. Some newspapers do not allow access to the OCR-converted text until it is proofread. Older newspapers are still in image format, and newer newspapers are available as full text that can be cut and pasted. Most text is in ASCII, some are using Unicode for diacritical marks not available in ASCII. now indexes many newspaper archives.

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Online newspapers are becoming more and more popular with readers. Then how to make online newspapers and publish them? Let Flip HTML5 help you! Flip HTML5 is a powerful online newspaper maker to create interactive flipping e-papers online which can be viewed around the world. The features I list below can help create e-papers that attract a much wider readership.