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Seneca wrote his 20-sections On the Shortness of Life in 49 CE, the year he returned to Rome from his exile in Corsica, as a moral essay addressed to his friend Paulinus.

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Some critics have seen the essay as a literary form in decline because of its close connection to Enlightenment ideals, which have increasingly come under question. How can the essay appeal to universal values when those shared values have seemingly disintegrated into cultural pluralism? The counterresponse is that the recognition of a pluralistic society has created an even greater need for an exploratory form of the essay that can lead to mutual understanding and cooperative social action. Thus, the contemporary moral essay is less likely to make dogmatic pronouncements based on unchanging doctrines, and more likely to attempt to construct a moral consensus through ongoing dialogue.

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Precedents of the moral essay can be seen clearly in the prose of Plutarch and Seneca, particularly in the latter’s Epistles to Lucilius. The rediscovery of classical sources in the Renaissance led to a resurgent interest in moral deliberation that was not limited to theological study. Michel de Montaigne often draws on classical sources in writing his Essais (1580, 1588); however, he deviates from the pattern of the medieval leçon morale by subordinating the authority of the classical views to his own observations and experiences. Although Montaigne’s opinions are sometimes strikingly unorthodox, the themes of many of his essays—cruelty, vanity, honesty, couragecertainly belong in the tradition of the moral essay.

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The 17th century engendered more narrowly religious essays. Sir William Cornwallis the Younger (Essayes, 1600–01), Owen Felltham (Resolves, 1620), and Sir Thomas Browne (Religio Medici, 1642) all found the essay an ideal vehicle for moral and spiritual reflection. After the Restoration, the moral essay, as practiced by Abraham Cowley and Sir William Temple, returned to general reflections on life in the style of Montaigne. Another powerful influence on the tradition of the moral essay was the revival of the Theophrastan character sketch (modeled on his Characters). such as Joseph Hall’s Characters of Vertues and Vices (1608). In France Jean de La Bruyère turned his Caractères (1688) into biting satire, attacking not so much the morals as the manners of the day.