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There are one or two objections to the mode of communication of cholera which I am endeavouring to establish, that deserve to be noticed. Messrs. Pearse and Marston state, in their account of the cases of cholera treated at the Newcastle Dispensary in 1853, that one of the dispensers drank by mistake some rice-water evacuation without any effect whatever.* (*Medical Times and Gazette, 1854, vol. i, p. 182.) In rejoinder to this negative incident, it may be remarked, that several conditions may be requisite to the communication of cholera with which we are as yet unacquainted. Certain conditions we know to be requisite to the communication of other diseases. Syphilis we know is only communicable in its primary stage, and vaccine lymph must be removed at a particular time to produce its proper effects. In the incident above [111/112] mentioned, the large quantity of the evacuation taken might even prevent its action. It must be remembered that the effects of a morbid poison are never due to what first enters the system, but to the crop or progeny produced from this during a period of reproduction, termed the period of incubation; and if a whole sack of grain, or seed of any kind, were put into a hole in the ground, it is very doubtful whether any crop whatever would be produced.

What mode of communication is this?

Canva allows users to employ most of the modes of communication in their designs.

What mode of communication is this?

Face-to-face, video, audio and text-based are all different modes of communication. These are the basic umbrella forms of communication, but they can be broken down into more specific styles.


These opinions respecting the cause of cholera are brought forward, not as matters of certainty, but as containing a greater amount of probability in their favour than any other, in the present state of our knowledge. Nearly all medical men admit a cholera poison, whatever their opinions may be with respect to contagion; and many of them even speak of the purging as an effort of nature to get rid of the poison: they cannot, then, in either case, suppose that the evacuations are free from it, or that, being swallowed, the stomach should always have the power of destroying it, and preventing its producing its peculiar effects; therefore the views here stated seem to have a fair claim to the consideration of the profession. At all events, the mode of communication of cholera is a question of the most vital importance with respect to its prevention. Who can doubt that the case of John Harnold, the seaman from Hamburgh, mentioned above, was the true cause of the malady in Blenkinsopp, who came, and lodged, and slept, in the only room in all London in which there had been a case of [29/30] true Asiatic cholera for a number of years? And if cholera be communicated in some instances, is there not the strongest probability that it is so in the others--in short, that similar effects depend on similar causes?

Model of six primary modes of communication, plotted on a two-axis grid of broadcast
To maximize learning, the three modes of communication must be considered as three parts of a single goal: communication. Keep the visual images of the NAEP and the Wisconsin model in mind. It is possible to consider the modes separately, but their strength is in their interrelatedness. Keep in mind also, that assessing the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational modes in a standards-based integrated performance assessment occurs throughout the unit of instruction, not necessarily at the end of instruction. The building blocks of related grammar and vocabulary will be formatively assessed throughout the instructional unit providing feedback to both students and teachers about how well the students know and can use the target language. Consider some projects that are often part of a world language classroom. For example, students often prepare a travel brochure or poster about a city or country where the target language is spoken. Think of the project with the three modes of communication in mind. The brochure or poster is the Presentational mode. To adhere to the characteristics of the presentational mode, the student needs to submit draft documents for feedback. The goal is a polished brochure or poster that can be displayed or shared with others because it has gone through revisions until it is “ready to publish.”
Amazing layout for the 3 modes of communication in a world language classroom?

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Can you identify how the activities and products of the Cognitive Taxonomy Circle relate to the three modes of communication? Can the products above go across the different modes? Can they be used in assessment (both formative and summative)?

Models of Communication

Mode of Communication of Cholera(John Snow, 1855)

Language teachers are generally familiar with a four-skills model of communication, in which reading, writing, listening, and speaking proficiencies are assessed individually. A four-skills approach will continue to be a useful model for assessment, as it is often necessary to avoid confounding performance on one dimension, such as listening, with skill in another area, such as reading. Assessing skills individually is desirable in situations where learners have acquired language in a variety of ways, and thus may not share common pathways to proficiency—often the case with adults. Evaluation criteria, such as those of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, describe what individuals can do with language in terms of speaking, writing, listening, and reading. There are five major levels of proficiency for each skill: Distinguished, Superior, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice.

One of the earliest models of communication that introduced was Claude Shannon's model. This was introduced in 1948.

"On the Mode of Communication of Cholera"

In addition to linguistic elements, the visual mode of communication is another mode of communication essential to Canva. Images, color, layout, style, and size are all features that the user has control over when making their graphic designs. Canva provides different stock photography, layout, and font options, but users can also import their own.