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Following the success of last year’s seminars, LSE Enterprise are launching a new series of LSE Masterclasses in Social Sciences. This series of seminars will bring some of the world´s best social scientists to Madrid to present and discuss the key issues facing Spain in the global context. The seminars this year include the economics of climate change, funding the welfare state […]

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The next LSE Masterclass in Social Science will take place in Madrid from 18-21 June 2013.

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They do want you (and everyone else on Masters courses) only for your money; but that, in itself, does not mean that by paying the fees, one is being "ripped off." Again, at the end of the day, that would seem to be determined by one's job prospects upon graduation. If you -- and this of course applies to everyone in a similar situation -- want to prevent yourself from being ripped off, you need to gauge what your jobs prospects are likely to be.

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LSE is known as one of the best unis in the UK. However, from what I’ve learnt, it is VERY easy to get an offer for LSE masters programs (relative to, say, Oxbridge or top American programs). Just check all these forums (e.g. TSR, TestMagic) yourself: loads of people (who applied, of course) have gotten an offer from LSE. Virtually everyone who has an offer from Oxbridge also has an offer from LSE (again, if they applied of course). The opposite is quite often not true, and I find few rejections from LSE (again, relative to other supposedly top unis).

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Abstract: In response to the hitherto unchallenged assumptions supporting a globalized economy, the Leadership for Sustainability Education (LSE) program, formerly Leadership in Ecology, Culture, and Learning, was developed as part of an emerging sustainability movement. This article highlights the favorable conditions that provided the context for the evolution of the LSE program, including organizational policies and practices at Portland State University, and a commitment to community-university partnerships that conveyed the University’s motto, “Let Knowledge Serve the City.” We discuss the potential that higher education has to transform practices and ways of thinking necessary for ecological sustainability and social justice. Following this overview, we outline the main elements of the LSE Master’s degree program, including the four key learning areas: self-understanding and commitment, systemic view of the world, bio-cultural relationships, and tools for sustainable change. Additionally, we describe the types of learning experiences and assessment strategies employed throughout the program. We conclude by sharing the key authors and thinkers who influence the program and coursework.The LSE Executive Master of Public Administration videos (original and extended versions) use EMPA students, faculty and senior programme staff to give an insight into this highly innovative policy training programme for working professionals. The LSE Executive MPA develops high-level policy analysis skills through world-class education that are applicable in both the public and private sector in any part of the world. The Executive Masters degree in the Political Economy of Europe examines different aspects of economic integration, fragmentation and reform in Europe. Taught within the European Institute, the programme offers working professionals the opportunity to earn an LSE Master's degree while pursuing a full-time career. As mentioned in our post on 18 February, LSE Enterprise have launched a new series of LSE Masterclasses in Social Sciences in Madrid. The free seminars, kindly sponsored by the Fundación Ramón Areces, start on Tuesday 1 April with the first Masterclass in Globalisation, Economic Development and International Migration. Other seminars in this year’s series include the economics of […]
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Final call for applications for a free place on the third LSE Masterclass in Social Science: What Future for Europe – Asia, America and the Global Economy.

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Video (in English) of a talk by Carsten Sørensen, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Innovation. The talk was given on 7 May 2013 at the LSE Masterclasses in Social Science, Fundación Ramón Areces, Madrid.

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The awards will range from 3,000 to 32,000 pounds, depending on financial need and are open to all Indian students who hold an offer of a place on an LSE Master's programme by April 30, 2013.