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"Life Without Parole charts Victor Hassine's sojourn inside America's dystopian prison system. This latest collection of his work, edited by Robert Johnson and Sonia Tabriz, locates his narrative within an insightful combination of fiction and nonfiction that reinforces the horror of society's worst kept secret and challenges us to change it. Responding to Hassine's runaway train metaphor, Johnson and Tabriz provide incisive commentary that confirms the author's observations and helps illuminate the crippling pattern of alternating hope and fear that attends a prison sentence. In responding to Victor's death, his family observed that he considered his work done when hope withered and died in a prison isolation cell. He would have been comforted to know that his work will continue, left in the capable hands of Robert Johnson and Sonia Tabriz."--Charles Huckelbury, PEN Award Winning Author

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offense and sentenced to prison for life without parole

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Without Parole: Living in Prison Today ..

Victor Hassine (1956–2008) was a prisoner for over 20 years in the Pennsylvania State Prison System

The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, ..

one of Pennsylvania’s inmates for life, (without the possibility of parole)..

Life Without Parole: Living in Prison Today by Victor ..

Life Without Parole: Living in Prison Today [Victor Hassine, Richard McCleary, Richard A

This edition of Hassine's Life Without Parole is no ..