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is an online lab submission program that is designed to respond to the requirements of expository labs but can be used for the other lab types. Even formal lab reports can be submitted where the entire report or sections of the report can be uploaded and viewed by both student and professor. In addition, LabBuilder's guided calculation component can be used for the calculation section in a formal lab report. Online submission is critical in that it provides immediate feedback to the specific questions / calculations posed in the lab report. The paper medium presently employed to communicate laboratory results between the student and teacher lacks the element of timely performance-related feedback - feedback that is essential for successful instruction. Questioning and responding are the most effective tools for providing feedback to both student and teacher. Today's student typically wait a minimum of two weeks (1 week to turn in the lab and 1 week to get them back) to receive the feedback that essential for learning. Unfortunately, students rarely look at much more than the grade on these returned lab reports because they have new reports and assignments to attend to. Another flaw with the present paper medium is that all the calculations are graded at the same time and students have only one chance to critically consider the problem and enter their answer. Grading a calculation at the time it is submitted (even at 3 am) is an easy task for a computer program like . Additionally, the student can correct mistakes immediately, or after a period of thought and research. After three incorrect submissions, the correct answer is entered into the lab report and the student is instructed to use this answer in any future calculations. Students submitting lab reports online are required to rethink, question, and recalculate (i.e. use their higher order thinking skills) before submitting the second and third answer.

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