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The link between the work ethic and support for capitalism, discussed by German sociologist Max Weber, is borne out by the survey. In 14 of 21 countries, those who have faith that hard work leads to economic success are also more likely to think people are better off in a market economy. This is particularly the case in Britain, U.S., Russia, the Czech Republic and China.

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If you don't believe dreams come true, if you don't think hard work leads to success, if you don't understand the meaning of commitment, meet Hung Ta, a 15-year-old sophomore from Los Angeles Lincoln High who arrived in the United States from Vietnam in the third grade and didn't start playing baseball until a year ago.

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Those who have had personal economic achievement in life tend to believe that hard work leads to success. High income individuals, especially in Britain, Russia and Egypt, are significantly more likely than low income earners in those countries to say most people can get ahead if they apply themselves. However, there is no meaningful difference in such attitudes between the rich and the poor in Brazil, Turkey and Tunisia, where half or more of the population values hard work whatever their income.

Hard Work Leads To Success
I learned that hard work leads to success. When I started my first year of high school, I played baseball for the school. I was not that good when I first started because I had not played for two years. I could not even hit the ball as hard as I did before I stop playing. That was when I knew I needed to practice more with my team and on my own time as well so I can get better. From that day on I put all my heart into practice until the season was finally over.Democrats are now evenly divided over whether hard work leads to success: 47% say most people who work hard can get ahead, while 50% say hard work is no guarantee of success for most people. In March, 56% said hard work leads to people getting ahead while 40% said it is no guarantee of success.
The idea that hard work leads to material success is no longer, if it ever was, a uniquely Western value.

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On the whole, Americans continue to say hard work leads to success; 58% agree with the statement that “most people who want to get ahead can make it if they are willing to work hard,” but this is substantially lower than the proportion expressing this view in previous surveys. Today, 40% agree that “Hard work and determination are no guarantee of success for most people,” which is up six points since March.

“Kaitlyn epitomizes the adage of hard work leads to success and this kid is certainly a hard worker.”


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Hard Work Leads To Success and there is no denying that. You also need to remember to be patient as everything takes time and all setbacks give lessons to be learned.
Educate yourself and then take that initiative to make yourself successful.

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The Germans are beneficiaries of a relatively strong economy in recent years and the people most other Europeans think are the hardest workers in Europe (See the recent Global Attitudes report “,” released May 29, 2012). But Germans are divided about the value of hard work: 51% think hard work leads to success, 48% think it is no guarantee. West Germans are more likely to believe in the rewards of labor than are East Germans, who have in recent years experienced higher unemployment than their western counterparts.