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Also, some people use ghost hunting TV shows as training for their own investigations. That can be risky, foolhardy, and — in some cases — miss the point of real ghost research.

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Former investigators, people who have been involved with the production (representatives of haunted sites, guests of the shows), and critics have all come forth with unsavory claims against many of the ghost hunting TV shows, especially, those we have mentioned in this article. Even if some of the evidence captured by TV's ghost hunting teams are really paranormal, the fact that producers rely upon embellishment of fear and scripted scenes ruins any and all credibility; and the outright faking of paranormal evidence is downright disappointing.

Do TV Ghost Hunting Shows Fake Evidence? , at times, they do.

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Read our past report about . We noticed a difference from their humble beginnings to the amount of 'ghost' evidence they were purportedly capturing.

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There is no doubt that ghost TV shows (and their stars) have helped grow interest in ghost hunting, stretch investigative techniques, and foster the development of equipment for use in possibly detecting unseen entities. This has, in some ways, been a positive direction for those of us who wish to know whether or not there is life after death. But, for paranormal researchers and scientists who are attempting to prove that the soul lives on post-mortem, such programs have hurt the cause, so to speak. TV ghost hunting shows have come under harsh criticism by researchers with an objective, keen eye who have caught the producers of such shows, and in some cases, even the stars themselves, purposefully faking evidence.

TV Shows > Ghosts TV Shows
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