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The use of gender roles in commercials and in the media are imbedded subconsciously in the minds of the mass public. Gender stereotypes are general beliefs about sex linked qualities, where it is important to characterize the gender roles and stereotypes that have become imbedded in our society. The gender roles of women have been labeled as being a mother, care giver, understanding, proper, and house-keeper. The male on the other hand has been portrayed as a strong, working individual that takes care of the family and comes home to a loving wife. These gender roles are becoming extremely challenged as society is a turn in economical and sociological terms. As these roles are changing stereotypes about behavior and characteristics of genders are also changing. To take the role of the woman and see how she is being portrayed today we must look at some statistical information on commercials, Men have been accused of being concerned with occupation. However the man's place in the job market is being more and more decreased because of the rise of women in the work force, gender roles are being changed as well.

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The use of gender roles in commercials and in the media are imbedded subconsciously in the minds of the mass public. As women have become more self-sufficient in their everyday lives, their dependency from males and gender stereotypes have been changing drastically. The mentality of many people has been changing as well, and as these transformations have become more evident in today’s society, the target audience of commercials have required adjustments to its appeal. Commercials have recently been changing its outdated gender stereotypes and are appealing to a more modernized society. However, there are still many stereotypes that are evident in many people's minds and primetime commercials remain to be mixtures between old stereotypical views and new outlooks toward gender.

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Gender Role Commercials
Gender Roles Commercial

Examining Media's Socialization of Gender Roles.

Gender Roles in Commercials Commercials are powerful tools used to introduce buyers to a particular product. The advertiser’s main goal is to grab the

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