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I wanna answer that by raising kind of a parallel question. I think that Edith Wharton wanted to write a tragedy. She refers to Ethan Frome on the first pages as tragic. And the question that forms in my mind, and it may be the reason why the early reviewers that you mentioned at the beginning of the show, Diane, didn't like it a whole lot, usually tragedies end in some kind of recognition that a terrible mistake has been made on the part of the tragic hero.

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Life presented Ethan with some challenges. Who among us has not experienced that? Most people, at some point, face at least one life crisis which threatens to divert us from chasing our dreams, pursuing our goals. Some of us triumph over those challenges; some are defeated by them. Many of us wonder why this is so. Why was Ethan Frome among the defeated? Is this the question at the core of this story?

The symbols used by Wharton in Ethan Frome reinforce the themes of silence, isolation, and entrapment; feelings that Ethan experiences in his marriage.

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So was Ethan Frome simply the victim of circumstance? Was there truly no way out? Could he not have turned his life around after his mother's death, sold the farm, "cut his losses", and resumed his studies at Worcester? Only a few years had passed since his student days; he was still a young man with a long life ahead of him.