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Being a pharmacy technician can be difficult and stressful but with the proper attitude and actions it can be as enjoyable a job as any. These steps should help any retail pharmacy technician learn to look forward to going to work.

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Most people derive satisfaction from having some control over their work environment. An enjoyable job allows you to work independently for much of the time without a supervisor micromanaging your every move. The more freedom you are given to make decisions, even about small details, such as determining the time for your lunch break, the greater your feeling of empowerment and job satisfaction.

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What you will find is that the most enjoyable jobs are the ones that have the greatest competition. 'Alternatively they don't pay well 'cos people will do them for free e.g. wife and mother.

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Everybody knows that you need money to survive, but it is often said that money does not bring happiness. Although the ideal situation may be to have an enjoyable job that also provides a good salary, this is not always possible. It is important to remember that some people might not have a choice of jobs because they did not have the chance of a good education or because they have a large family to support. Nevertheless, I would prefer to have a job that I can enjoy if I could.

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On the one side, having more money is very important to survive in this world. I incline to believe that money can give comfortable to owner. For example, I can buy a lot of commodity when I have money, I can go to anywhere, anytime with five star facilities, because I have money. Basically main purpose someone to work is for getting good future, and one of the way, how to get good future is having high wage. Good salary can motivate worker to make sprit when they working, but cannot be denied high salary identical with big pleasure, and more responsibility. This will make unenjoyable job.

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Not if you are strategic about it.

One the other side, getting enjoyable job can make worker more comfortable. I believe people can get more spirit when they pleasant with their job. I would argue that when people working, money is not only as one of their purpose but also they have to enjoyed situation in office to increase their performance. According to psychological employee can more productive when they get good situation, and they work with their heart, it mean, they enjoyed with their job. From my point of perspective, working is process to get better life in the future, so employee should give more attention to find enjoyed job.