Title: Is Emily Grierson a sympathetic character?

Obituary and News Story for “A Rose For Emily”.

Miss Emily Grierson, age 74, was laid down to rest this past Sunday in Jefferson. She passed away Friday, April 3rd. She was found in her bedroom that morning. Miss Grierson was said to have died in her sleep of natural causes. She was preceded in death by her mother and father and was survived by two cousins. She was the last of the Grierson family living and one of the most long-living of the people in this town. Even though she was rarely seen, she will be missed as she was very respected by all of society. .

Emily Grierson: Crazy?.

Miss Emily Grierson passed away this past Friday. She was found in her bedroom by the Negro man who kept house for her. It was discovered however, that her body was not the only one found in the house that day. .


Many people here in Jefferson remember a man, Homer Barron, with whom Grierson was in love with 30 years ago. It was realized after they had courted awhile, that Barron was more interested in men, than women. It was thought that Grierson cured him of that horrible way of life and that they were to be married. She was seen buying him clothing and a toilet set one day. A few days prior, she was seen buying arsenic. It was believed she was going to kill herself but that Barron had convinced her otherwise. He soon after was not seen with her anymore, so it was thought he had gone to his home and was preparing for his new bride to come to him. But Grierson never came out of her home after that and Barron was never heard of again. A strange smell began coming from her house later. People believed that the house was very dirty or that the Negro had killed an animal in her yard. The smell was taken care of by the men of the city. That brings us to this day and age, when so!.

me of Grierson’s old friends were coming to clean out her house. They came to a room, which seemed to have not been opened in years.

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Why is Miss Emily Grierson described as “a fallen monument”?

Approaching our teaching of "A Rose for Emily" by discussing the crucial dramatic scenes as they are presented on the story line, the student sees the town as character and voice; the suspension of our accustomed time order; the juxtaposition of past and present time in a narrative strategy; the crucial images; and Emily Grierson as the town knows her and as Faulkner wants the reader to understand her.

What type of woman is represented through Miss Emily Grierson?

To assist our students on their "first foray into Yoknapatawpha" (Brooks 107), we can establish the narrative voice by discussing the first paragraphs. We can demonstrate that this narrator, the voice of the town, an unnamed townsperson, present at the funeral of Emily Grierson, knows her life story, one constructed from the gossip, speculations, and legends of the town. We can posit that the narrator constructs this story-telling as a stream of associations, a mesh of dramatic scenes and images. Although this telling is not ordered chronologically, a chronology of events can be detected. Here by the use of Table One (see below) we can begin to delineate with our students, in parallel lines, the actual story line of events and the actual chronology of events. As we move scene by scene on the story line, we can connect the event there to its appropriate place on the chronology line.

we find out about the disturbing truth that Emily Grierson was hiding.
In 1983, Lyndon Chubbuck directed the short film  for , starring  as Miss Emily Grierson.

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Psychological criticism attempts to analyze suppressed fears and desires within the unconscious of the author, characters, or readers of a chosen text. Freud's theories of the divided selves of the psyche is generally applies in nature, as examining motivations and fears. Within the workings of the unconscious, Freud examines three separate dimensions: id, ego, and superego. The id is unconscious realm in which primitive instincts and desires are stored. The ego is the conscious realm where desires are harness, function of the ego to control the impulses of the unconscious and the essence of personality. Finally, the superego is the last dimension of the psyche to develop, and this realm is what houses the behaviors defined by social norms and functions; thus, the superego is the lawmaker within the mind. The psychological perspective of Emily Grierson relies within the driving motivations of the character, which is develop, nurtured from a young age, and relies heavily on issues of gender. Many of Freud's writings investigate the nature of sex, and often involve a discussion of human genitalia and sexual gratification (Sagan 4). Within the development of young girls, Freud discusses a phenomenon known as the Electra complex, which is the feminine counterpart to his theory of the oedipal complex. In the early phases of physical development, a young girl will turn away from the affections of her mother as result of her "penis envy" towards her father (Freud 253). With jealous intentions, the girl wishes to possess a penis of her own, an object that her mother has apparently failed to furnish. Ultimately, the "young female will engender sexual and sexual driven desires towards her father, wishing to possess a penis of her own" (Marcks 2).

The Pity of Emily Grierson

Miss Emily Grierson Timeline in A Rose for Emily

WHEN Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went toher funeral: the men through a sort of respectful affectionfor a fallen monument, the women mostly out of curiosityto see the inside of her house, which no one save an oldman-servant--a combined gardener and cook--had seen in atleast ten years.

Senior Emily Grierson, daughter of the set director, plays Nanette and is the cause of the madcap plot twists.

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Emily Grierson, her father, Colonel Grierson and Colonel Sartoris, now deceased, represent the Old South. ... It is getting old like Emily. ... This large portrait means that Colonel Grierson's presence is still in Emily's life; and the dull gilt easel reflects Emily's tarnished appearance. ... Emily dies barren of children. ... He returns and Emily does not let him leave again. ...