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Nov 6, 2007 . Datus Proper, Dark Hollow. Judith Ortiz Cofer, The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria. Charles McNair, My Father's Cabin .

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[Datus C Proper; Datus DeWitt Proper] -- The Datus C

Writer and diplomat Datus Proper describes his travels through little-known Portugal, the forgotten European country that once ruled over a vast empire.

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Not long ago I picked up something interesting at an angling auction: Datus Proper's travel fly tying kit. His book "What the Trout Said" is pretty good--he talks a lot about various issues related to fly design, and also talks a lot about hooks--complains most are inconsistently sized. Proper believed every fisherman should tie. And he also believed that one should tie often, even when traveling on fishing trips. "In earlier centuries, every competent fisherman carried his 'book' of silk, feathers, hooks, and scraps of dubbing," Proper wrote in "What the Trout Said." Such a book need not be large, he explained. His own kit, he said, "measures only six inches long by four inches high by two-and-on-half-inches thick, fully stuffed. It is very well made of pigskin. It has a box for tools and thread, six envelopes for other materials, an end pocket in the actual pigskin, two parchment envelopes (with six pockets in each) which I sewed up myself for dubbing, and a sturdy strap around the whole thing. The kit carries the old American 'Common sense' label."

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Here is a collection of essays on fishing from the author of What the Trout Said. In these lyrical essays, Datus Proper takes you to where you and the fish and the fly meet, in that window between stream and sky. Running Waters is where four themes come together: the people, the waters, the flies, and the fish that pull anglers up the mountains and into the streams.“In addition to the other reviews, I can't emphasize enough that this book not only has great tactical, historical, and cullinary perspecitive, but is actually LITERATURE. I've read the book perhaps 5 or 6 times through now, and it's just a classic--easy to read and food for the mind. Although Datus Proper has passed on now, his story will live on. My style and thought on pheasant changed after I read this book. Critical to your hunting library!” L. Smith (Nebraska)
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Nov 6, 2007 . Datus Proper, Dark Hollow. Judith Ortiz Cofer, The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria. Charles McNair, My Father's Cabin .

Black Friday was spent in Sun Valley with my brothers, Jake and Andy, and our . As Datus Proper so succinctly stated in Pheasants of the Mind: “[A rooster . As we hunted up this densely vegetated hollow, I took the left side and Darby and .
Here, too, I was only able to catch one fish, but my fishing was cut short by my fall. I was in roughly ankle deep water near the bank. I'd just stepped to the right, and immediately after I transferred my weight to my right foot it slid out from under me. There was no sense of "I'm losing my balance." It was instantaneous. One second I was vertical and the next I was horizontal. I let go of my rod but I went down so fast it never left my hand. When my hand hit a rock my Air Stage 390 was between the rock and the hand. I couldn't break my fall, but I did break my rod. I'm just lucky I didn't break my head - or hit quite hard enough to pass out. If you're unconscious, the six inches of water I was in is plenty deep enough to drown in. Datus Proper drowned in shallow water. I got up and drove home.
Jim Harrison, Pam Houston, Ted Leeson, Nick Lyons, Thomas McGuane, and more, share stories of fly fishing and life on the river. This marvelous collection features stories from some of America’s finest and most respected writers about one of the world’s most solitary and satisfying sports: fly fishing. For the first time, the stories of thirty-one acclaimed writers including Kim Barnes, Walter Bennett, Russell Chatham, Guy de la Valdne, Robert DeMott, Chris Dombrowski, Ron Ellis, Jim Fergus, Kate Fox, Charles Gaines, Bruce Guernsey, Jim Harrison, Pam Houston, Michael Keaton, Greg Keeler, Sydney Lea, Ted Leeson, Nick Lyons, Craig Mathews, Thomas McGuane, Joseph Monninger, Howard Frank Mosher, Jake Mosher, Craig Nova, Margot Page, Datus Proper, Le Anne Schreiber, Paul Schullery, W. D. Wetherell, and Robert Wrigley come together in one collection. Fly fishers and non-fly fishers alike will recognize in these poignant tales the universal aspects of the appreciation of nature, the necessity of conservation, and the joy and knowledge that come from time spent on fresh and salt water. This is a delightful, handsome volume that captures the allure and spirit of fly fishing and those that love it.
As Datus Proper put it so well in his book “What the Trout Said,” imitation is part of presentation, and vice versa.

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I like to use wrapped hackle and Datus Proper's technique which leaves the wing flat on the bottom and the 180 degree arc as well...A comparadun wing basically without deer hair. In the "Benchside Ref." book there are a few examples of how to do this. Some guys just wrap the hackle and snip it off below the hook shank...I think this is the lazy-man's way of doing it...:) I will admit to doing it myself though on flies size 20 and smaller.

, by Datus Proper (June 1996)

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When I first saw it in print, I assumed that Datus Proper was a pen name, like Sparse Grey Hackle. I was mistaken. Proper is a former diplomat and a writer, whose latest work is the collection of fishing essays .

Datus Proper describes what he calls a “Bent Hackle Fly in his book, What the Trout Said. (Knopf, 1982).

diplomat and author Datus Proper.

Datus Proper finished a rough copy of a book on hunting beforehe died. His wife, Anna, said she is hoping to publish the writer'sfifth book. Along with Anna, Datus leaves behind a son ScottProper, 26, who is attending Oregon State University.