The brief’s main argument? Corporate personhood.

He and the openly conservative William Rehnquist were nominated by President Nixon on the same day to serve on the Court. Powell took over the seat of Hugo Black, a steadfast opponent of corporate personhood and constitutional rights. Lewis Powell served from January 7, 1972 until June 26, 1987, when he resigned.

Corporate Personhood: Rights Without Responsibilities

Why do private corporations have personhood, while governmental or “public” corporations do not?

Corporate personhood: Where does it leave us?

This transubstantiation of corporations into persons advances some pretty uncontroversial policy goals. If corporations lacked personhood, you couldn’t sue FedEx for crashing a van into your car, or Walmart for selling you a defective space heater that burns down your home, or J.P. Morgan for defrauding you when you get a lemon mortgage. You wouldn’t be able to enter into contracts with a corporation at all. Legislatures and courts have been treating corporations like persons for hundreds of years: There is even a general interpretive rule in the that when Congress says "persons," it means corporations as well, unless the context of the statute provides otherwise.

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Posner also highlights another class of non-human entities who have been dubbed persons: endangered species. Nixing corporate personhood could mean nixing other forms of artificial personhood as well, with negative consequences for conservation and animal rights:

Corporate personhood is actually the root of the problem, not simply “speech.”
The spread of the Occupy Wall Street movement to cities across the country has led to a national discussion on the role of corporations and brought the term “corporate personhood” to the fore in recent weeks.Kitch: [Without corporate personhood, the] business and other activities would have to be carried out through alternative legal arrangements. Whether that would be good or bad would turn on the structure and practicality of the alternative arrangements. Before the general corporation statutes became available in the middle of the 19th century, lawyers used the trust device as an alternative. Experience showed that the trust device involved a somewhat higher degree of legal uncertainty and required slightly more complex structures.Law School professors Edmund Kitch, Frederick Schauer, and Richard Schragger, as well as Dean Paul G. Mahoney recently weighed in on the topic of corporate personhood, including what it means and why it sometimes puts everyday people at odds with big business.Corporate personhood has no constitutional implications across the board. Courts decide on an issue-by-issue basis as to what provisions of a constitution affect corporations. Corporations, for instance, can’t vote, while people can. But corporations can assert a constitutional claim for compensation when their property is taken by the government, just as people can.
What’s the best way to control corporate power? More corporate personhood, not less.

The brief’s main argument? Corporate personhood.

It would be a fitting tribute to Richard Grossman’s life work if, on that Independence Day 2012, the #OWS National General Assembly scheduled to meet in Philadelphia would stand behind a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw Corporate Personhood.

: How do corporate rights compare to—or corporate personhood, how does it relate to human rights?

Corporate Personhood | An Introduction - Reclaim Democracy!

For-profit publishers aren't the only corporations whose constitutional rights are worth worrying about. Nonprofit corporations, particularly those like the NAACP or ACLU which have historically been the target of government ire, have freedom of association rights which corporate personhood helps protect. In the 1963 case of , the Supreme Court struck down Virginian laws meant specifically to hamper the NAACP's ability to launch law suits to enforce integration. William Brennan, the author of the ruling, went out of his way to that corporations like the NAACP enjoy First Amendment protection: "We think petitioner may assert this right on its own behalf, because, though a corporation, it is directly engaged in those activities, claimed to be constitutionally protected, which the statute would curtail."

Scalia, one of corporate America’s biggest friends on SCOTUS, just killed corporate personhood.

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I think you confuse the issue by stating critics of corporate personhood must be anti-capitalist…when it’s entirely possible to oppose corporate personhood on the grounds that corporations are anti-capitalist and anything which strengthens them erodes capitalism.