T think that boredom leads to trouble

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yes i totally think boredom leads to trouble because kids or even grown-ups get bored and they want to do something to not be bored and half the time if they can't find somehting good they get into trouble. i think mostly every kid has gottin into trouble because they where bored. i know i said when i was young i said i was bored when i got introuble and my mom just smiled and started laughing. =]

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HELLO!! I agree with you. Boredom leads to trouble. I know from my own experiences that when i'm bored i tend to bother my brother who then get angry. The next thing you know we're fighting and we get into trouble. Also some people may be influenced to do things because they are bored. They may want to try drugs cause their bored, or bother someone, or break something, or do anything to get attention. To fix this problem people should get a hobby or join a club or something so they don't get bored and in trouble.
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Boredom leads to trouble, but if you put it to good use, it could also lead to great things. The article will explain how boredom helps you with many things.

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Titled: Boredom Leads to Trouble. Author: Sasusc. Characters: Eliot, Parker. Timeline: Uncertain. Summary: Eliot finds a hurt Parker in his closet.

Burin and Bonavista Peninsulas were asked why many get into trouble.

Some people may think boredom doesn't lead to trouble and that quite understandable

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