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Great article from a great book. I would argue that those who are giving this list the thumbs down and saying things like, “are rich people actually happier?” are the ones to whom this article applies the most. People that will never put the effort into following these steps will try to downplay them by saying things like that.

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Are rich people happier than poor people

Are Wealthy Rich People Any Happier

It’s probably apocryphal, but it is said that Ernest Hemingway told F. Scott Fitzgerald: “the rich are not like you and me.” Implying that the woes and satisfactions of the wealthy are beyond the comprehension of the rest of us. Which raises the question: are really rich people happier than everyone else? Or do they have problems and worries, but different ones than the hoi polloi?

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Are Rich People Happier Than Other People
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Rich and Happy – Why Wealthy People are Happier People

Are rich people really happy with money? Rich people usually have the same problems as the middle class, but being really happy is not about money.

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Are wealthy rich people happy?

Wealth Doesn't Make the Rich Happier, But ..