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Also the camera shot can be seen as calm and almost Godly but the way it is looking down from above. This shot provides us with our first impression, which shows us what the village is like despite its excitement and noises further on in the advertisement. The advert progresses to show members of the community hurriedly preparing the domino line, helping each other in their work and the close-ups of the effort on peoples faces; showing the amount of exertion that they are going to. We get to see people close up and almost meet the people of the community. Which brings us closer to the idea of being involved. We are immersed in the action and immediately feel included and warm to the advert. Peaceful music is also displayed in the background quietly as not to distract you from focusing on what is being shown in the images and creating that tranquil feel again. As the next scene begins the music is peaceful still, but as the first domino is knocked down the pace of it starts to be livelier and increase. As this happens the camera shot is also zoomed out so we see the whole complexity of the domino line in the scene and the effort gone into it. The advertisement progresses and we are shown mid-shot views of various parts of the village, as we follow the domino line and its destruction.

Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample

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Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample

After choosing the type of the media that will carry the advertisement message, the marketers have to decide where they will put their ad, or in other words they have to determine the best allocation of the advertisement to attract target beneficiaries. Most of people and unskillful marketers think that the most optimal place for placing the ad is in the most crowded place such as Movie Theater, soccer stadium, and similar places. Well this is not always true, because the marketers may put his advertisement in a very jam-packed place, and no one of his target audience will see it. The secret of placement of the advertisement is by related it to the target audience of the company, that the company wants to aware them through the advertisement. For example, if we want to convince housewives with a new brand of rice, the best place for the advertisement is the retail store or the supermarket, while an advertisement of a new laptop should be set on the internet, because the users of this kind of product spend a huge amount of time surfing the internet. So the key term in optimizing the placement or the positioning of the advertisement is connecting it to the type of the target beneficiaries.

Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample

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Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample

Before talking about these strategies in advertisement, we should define advertisement, in order to clarify the concept of advertisement. Advertisement "is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor" (Peter, and Donnelly 637). The advertisement nowadays has a larger scope than before, it moved from just on billboard into wage slips and even public toilets (Heffernan, design and conquer). But the focus on advertisement in the company differs from one company to another. For example, in small companies the person who carries out the advertisement services is someone in the marketing department, or even can be outsourced, although in the huge companies such as 'apple', and 'BMW' the advertisement has a separate department in the company with a separate budget and employees (Peter, and Donnelly 637). In the advertisement process, the experts seek to discover and communicate the core of their company and products with potential customers (Woodroffe, Branding: the basics).